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New times and new museography

#NouMuseuPortTarragona (New Tarragona Port Museum)

Mercè Toldrà Dalmau

Publication date: 27/07/2022


Comprehensive renovation of a port museum created in 2000. The passage of time translated into the need to intervene both in the adaptation of the building (an old goods warehouse) and in a new museography to achieve a more exciting, active and modern experience. Interactivity and immersion are present in the #NouMuseuPortTarragona.


Francesc Torres. Aeronàutica [vol] Interior. National Art Museum of Catalonia.

Oval Room. Between June 18 and September 12, 2021

Lluís Alabern

Publication date: 14/12/2021


Difficulties and technical misadventures in the assembly process of “Aeronàutica [vol] Interior,” an installation by the artist Francesc Torres in the Oval Room of the National Art Museum of Catalonia. Disassembling two replicas of the Tupolev SB-2 aircraft “Katiuska” and the fighter Polikarpov I-16 “Mosca,” moving them from the hangar where they were built in the Historic Aviation Center of La Sénia to Barcelona, introducing them inside the National Museum, hanging the largest one, the Tupolev bomber, from the Oval Room dome. Is such a technically ambitious project that borders the unlikely even legitimate?