Mercè Toldrà Dalmau

Museu del Port de Tarragona

She has a degree in History and Geography (UB), a master’s degree in Archival Management (UAB), a postgraduate degree in Museography (UPC), a postgraduate degree in Exhibition Curation (URV) and a postgraduate degree in Cultural Management (URV).

Since 1987 she has been working in the cultural field of the Port of Tarragona: from 1987 to 1998 linked to the creation of the Port Archive and, since 1999, in the Port Museum, for which she is responsible since it opened in 2000.


New times and new museography

#NouMuseuPortTarragona (New Tarragona Port Museum)

Mercè Toldrà Dalmau

Publication date: 27/07/2022


Comprehensive renovation of a port museum created in 2000. The passage of time translated into the need to intervene both in the adaptation of the building (an old goods warehouse) and in a new museography to achieve a more exciting, active and modern experience. Interactivity and immersion are present in the #NouMuseuPortTarragona.