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Cocreant l'Espai Cràter, un centre en continu procés de reflexió

Xevi Collell

Publication date: 19/10/2023


La cocreació de l’Espai Cràter i l’articulació de l’equip motor han estat dos elements clau per a la configuració del centre a tots els nivells. La conceptualització del projecte, la mirada expositiva i arquitectònica, i el desplegament estratègic es cocrearen a través del model de la quàdruple hèlix per aportar-hi un alt valor públic. A més, la metodologia d’innovació oberta i col·laborativa s’integrà també en la cultura organitzativa de l’Espai Cràter per tal de donar continuïtat a una nova manera de fer i de ser com a institució pública.


XXXIII Conference of the Local Museums Network. Museums and SOStainability. From the Mission to the Action— Chronicle and Reflections

Laura Costa Mateo. Head of the Local Museum Network Unit

Laura Costa

Publication date: 11/05/2022


On 17 and 18 November 2021 the XXXIII Conference of the Local Museums Network was held at the Francesca Bonnemaison Space of the Barcelona Provincial Council, live broadcasted via Zoom and entitled “Museums and SOStainability. From the Mission to the Action”. During these two days, leading specialists in the field and various professionals in museums and cultural facilities reflected on the role of museums in the face of the climate emergency. They also discussed how to address the fit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the different areas of the museological activity and management while presenting several experiences and actions carried out by different facilities in relation to sustainability, which are a good example of work in favor of a more sustainable, just and egalitarian society.

This article summarizes the contributions made by the different speakers at the conference, as well as a final reflection as a conclusion.


Starting From Scratch: The Public and The Administration, a Co-participatory Link Necessary for the Creation of a New Museum

Albert Forés Gómez , Catalina Gayà Morlà

Publication date: 10/11/2020


In November 2018, the Maritime Museum of Mallorca (MMM) launched a process of public co-participation for its very own creation. That led the museum to meet the community that hosts it and longs for it, and also to learn how to listen to them. This methodology involves imagining—and experimenting with generosity at its core—new communicative scenarios, and its greatest challenge is linking access to and interaction with as requisites for co-participation in museums. Throughout this process we have reconsidered: a) what is the role of communicative processes in museums; b) how we generate listening techniques that bring us closer to people; c) how we build honest narratives; d) how we link the public and the administration.