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About the new definition of a 21st century museum

Teresa Reyes Bellmunt

Publication date: 01/07/2021


Museums are a reflection of the present society, which is why their definition evolves along with the changes it experiences. ICOM has been changing the definition of “museum” over its seventy-five years of existence, and now is the time for a new push to update it so that it fits the reality of 21st century museums. After some setbacks, there is currently a well-defined methodology that gives the opportunity to participate openly to the entire museum sector around the world, with the aim of gaining its approval at the next General Conference, to be held in Prague during the Summer of 2022.


The importance of culture in the process of establishing Sustainable Development Goals

An opportunity for reflection

Gemma Grau Pérez

Publication date: 24/12/2020


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide an ambitious model of peace and prosperity globally. However, the presence of the cultural sector has been unfortunately scarce. Beyond different interpretations, culture did not integrate any of the seventeen goals as a priority. Despite the enormous efforts of groups and institutions, the cultural dimension was relegated to acting as a facilitating instrument. This analysis offers a brief review of the SDGs construction process from the speeches of the participants in the various sessions at the Open Working Group (OWG). The aim is to better understand the mechanisms of the constitutive process of the Agenda 2030 to contribute to the reflection on new proposals for action in support of culture, also in the museological sector.