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#museuobert: una iniciativa perquè els museus no s’aturessin durant el confinament

Enric Zapatero , Mari Vállez

Publication date: 26/07/2022


The COVID-19 pandemic initially led to a lockdown that halted cultural activity around the world. Museums had to close their doors and the only means of communication was through their own digital spaces. Initiatives such as #museuobert were born out of the need to keep the cultural sector alive and at the same time helped change the paradigm of digital communication in museums. Making their collections available online is the present and future of many museums. Communication departments need to understand this and adapt to the situation in order to be present in the social and cultural conversation.



Welcome to the MMACA

Guido Angelo Ramellini

Publication date: 21/11/2019


Contribute to the promotion of mathematical education and to disseminate a social image different from a discipline that is considered difficult, unpleasant and abstract. These are the objectives of the MMACA project, the Mathematics Museum of Catalonia, launched in 2005. It has gone a long way to reach its eighty thousand visitors per year to the permanent exhibition of Cornellà, and to maintain the traveling exhibition active. And there is still a lot to come.