Guido Angelo Ramellini

Vicepresident del MMACA

Graduate in Biological Sciences (University of Milan). Postgraduate in Didactics of Mathematics (University of Rome). Retired high school teacher. Vice President of the MMACA. Partner of the APaMMs.

Research technician at the University of Milan [Faculty of Medicine - CNR Center for the Study of Cell Structures (1970-75)].

Adult school teacher: Milan (1975-83).

Secondary school teacher: Siena (1983-89) and Madrid (1989-2003).

Trainer: Since 1996.


Welcome to the MMACA

Guido Angelo Ramellini

Publication date: 21/11/2019


Contribute to the promotion of mathematical education and to disseminate a social image different from a discipline that is considered difficult, unpleasant and abstract. These are the objectives of the MMACA project, the Mathematics Museum of Catalonia, launched in 2005. It has gone a long way to reach its eighty thousand visitors per year to the permanent exhibition of Cornellà, and to maintain the traveling exhibition active. And there is still a lot to come.