Àngels Fernández Canals

Àngels Fernández Canals holds a degree in Archeology (2017) and a master's degree in Cultural Heritage Management and Museology, both from the University of Barcelona (2019). Since 2016 she has been an educator at the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia, the Olèrdola Medieval Castle. In 2018 she worked at Butser Ancient Farm, a museum of experimental archeology in England. She is currently a technician at the Tarragona History Museum.

She thinks of herself as a versatile person with a desire to set forth in the world of cultural heritage, museums, and health and well-being.


From the Museum to the Hospital—Bringing Cultural Heritage Closer to Hospitalized Children

Àngels Fernández Canals

Publication date: 20/04/2022


This project is an educational proposal for social inclusion that, through museological education, intends to make cultural heritage accessible at hospitals. Thus, it highlights the importance of raising awareness and participation on the museums’ part in order to ensure maximum accessibility to their museological content, creating an emotional link between culture and society.