Marta Miras

Graduate in Art History from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Master in Cultural Heritage Management and Museology from the Universitat de Barcelona. The author is in constant training, with courses on Art and Gender, Gamification, Education and Mediation in Museums and the Art Market, carried out through different platforms such as Formación al², BÒLIT or EDUCATIO. 

Her work experience has allowed her to get to know museums and how they work, first hand, doing internships at the Archaeology Museum of Girona, at the Caixaforum in Barcelona or at the Picasso Museum.



Teenagers and museums. The impossible audience?

Analysis of the perceptions and opinions of young people and adolescents on museums

Marta Miras

Publication date: 09/11/2021


This research aims to focus on the perceptions and opinions of young people in relation to museums, whether this alleged disinterest is really the result of a totally “hormonal” stage where you have your head in the clouds or if institutions do not know how to adapt to this type of audience, and are not offering the stimuli, language, and answers they seek. What is the middle term we need to understand us? Is it possible to reach a balance between us?