Esther Travé Allepuz

Centre d’Estudis Martorellencs

Doctor in Medieval History (UB). Medievalist and archaeologist, lecturer at the University of Barcelona, and member of the Insitute of Archaeology (UB) and the Centre d’Estudis Martorellencs. Director of several research projects at the Site of Santa Margarida (Martorell) and related to the study of archaeological materials. She has published a great number of papers about archaeology and medieval pottery, and some other topics related to the management of historical knowledge and heritage studies.


CEM 50/40 Arqueologia. A retrospective insight projected to the future

Alfred Mauri Martí. Centre d’Estudis Martorellencs and Esther Travé Allepuz. Universitat de Barcelona. Institut d’Arqueologia

Alfred Mauri Martí , Esther Travé Allepuz

Publication date: 11/01/2023


This paper summarizes the experience of creating a temporary exhibition. The Centre d’Estudis Martorellencs had the original idea and implemented this exhibition to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the association and the fortieth anniversary of formal archaeological fieldwork in Santa Margarida. During almost a year, since the original idea was thought until the end of the exhibition, the association has been committed to creating a discourse filled with a considerable number of visual resources. The aim was bringing the tasks developed by our association closer to the general public. After the end of the exhibition, it is time to assess the experience and to provide its contents in virtual format for everyone.