Number 9, year 2019
Revista Catalana de Museologia


Since the year 2004, when the first issue of Mnemòsine. Revista catalana de museologia, the Associació de Museòlegs de Catalunya (Association of Museologists of Catalonia) has considered this project as one of the central axes of its action. Throughout these years, it has been the only magazine devoted to museology published in Catalonia and it has persevered in its mission to offer the museological community a forum where we can reflect on our discipline and the exercise of our profession. Needless to say, that it was not always an easy journey and that several obstacles needed to be overcome along the way.

After launching eight issues on paper which we tried to publish on an annual basis (we didn’t always succeed), we start now a new stage. From now on we’ll publish in digital format. This should allow us to improve the service that the AMC provides to professionals and museums with this publication.

The new Mnemòsine wants to take advantage of digital environments to generate a platform that will pay attention to phenomena and situations that have a direct impact on professional practice and the work that is being done in the museums of Catalonia. We will do so through contributions that will alternate a critical reflection with the analysis of the current situation and the positioning of the profession in the matters that affect the operation of patrimonial equipment.

It has been a long and laborious process, guided by the will to keep safe the relevance of our journal as a reference publication in the Catalan museology, to link it more closely (if this is yet possible) to the reality of museums and to professional practice, and to improve its visibility (and therefore also AMC’s), through a permanent presence in social networks thanks to the generation of contents linked to the current situation of museums and museology.

We invite you to browse the new Mnemòsine, to explore it and to participate in the growth of the project with your suggestions, comments, and contributions!

Olga López Miguel

President of the Association of Museologists of Catalonia (2015-2019).