Number 11, year 2021
Revista Catalana de Museologia


We are starting a new issue of the Mnemòsine magazine, and we are doing so at a time when it seems that thanks to vaccination we are overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected us on many levels.

With the intention of recovering normality, we continue to nurture our magazine with articles of the highest order. Their goal is to be a profitable tool for our associates as museum professionals.

Regarding our articles on current affairs, storytelling and reflection, I would like to highlight, as a novelty, the fact that students from the different master’s degrees in museology that are taught at Catalan universities have contributed with some pieces of their own.

And we should also acknowledge the fact that we further pushed our magazine beyond the Catalan territory. We have added new people to the Editorial Board, representing the Balearic Islands, and since last year we have been publishing articles on experiences in Mallorca. Little by little we want to expand the range and the territory of incidence not only of the magazine itself but also of the whole association.

Last year and a half’s experience has taught us the need to work and collaborate in a network. And with Mnemòsine we are doing so.

I would like to thank the people who collaborate with their articles and help the magazine to follow its course, and also those from the Editorial Board who make it possible to publish.

My gratitude goes to all of them.

We’ll keep working for the entire professional community in museums!


Joan Vicens i Tarré